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Details Prep

Family Photo List

Wedding Party Fashion Tips

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Details Prep

And what to include

Place your details all in one bag or shoe box so it's quick and easy for your photographer when they arrive. Keep your details to what matters to you. There is nothing you "have to" include. The things listed below are simply there for you to think through and see if you'd like to document them. Detail options are:

- Invitations 
- Shoes for both of you
- Jewelry
- Rings
- Tie
- Your something borrowed and something blue
- A few blooms from your florist if you have some
- Any family heirlooms or additional details or decor items you'd like incorporated.

Family Photo List

How to Prepare your list and your family

1. Please send a family photos list of all the people you would like included in family photos. Include their name and relation to you and the different groupings you would like.
- I.E. Bride's Mom (Lou), Bride's Dad (Paul)
2. Whoever you are including on this list, I STRONGLY urge you to send an email prior to the wedding day, letting them know they are included in family photos and to stick around after the ceremony. It is super helpful!
3. I suggest keeping these photos to 10 or less groupings. We can grab more informal family photos at the reception. Keep your family photos to those most important to you. 

Example groupings:
- Bride & Groom + Bride's Mom (Lou) and Bride's Dad (Paul)

- Bride & Groom + Bride's Mom (Lou) and Bride's Dad (Paul) + Siblings (Chris & Tiffany)

Wedding Party Fashion Tips

And how to avoid some common Faux pas

1. If you're wearing a tux with 1 button, you are free to button that button. 

2. If you are wearing a tux with 2 buttons, ONLY button the top button. NEVER button the bottom button. 

3. If you are wearing a tux with 3 bottons. Always top and middle button, NEVER button the bottom button. 


The Button

1. When wearing a bow tie, follow this link view a helpful article and video on how to tie a great bow tie. 

2. Practice. Nothing is more frustrating and nerve inducing than not being able to tie your tie on your wedding day. Practice, practice, practice. 


The Bow Tie

Step 1: While wearing your shirt, fold the cuff together so that both button holes match up correctly. If folding is not necessary, simply pinch the cuffs of your sleeve together so that insides of the sleeves are adjacent to each other.

Step 2: Straighten the small bar of the cufflink and carefully insert it through the cuffs. The decorative part of the cufflink should be show on the outer part of your wrist when your hand is by your side.

Step 3: Depending on the cufflink style, you may need to secure the cufflink to the shirt using its rotating backing. Once the bar is inserted through the cuff, you must flip the bar 90 degrees so it is in a horizontal position and is properly secured on the shirt.


The Cufflinks

The Boutonnière

The boutonniere is places on the left lapel, next to the jacket pocket. Pin from the underside of the lapel away from the chest so you don't stick anyone. 

The Pocket Square