Fine Art Albums

4x5" | $500 
6x8" | $700
8x10 or 8x8"  | $900
9x12 or 10x10"   | $1100
12x12 | $1600

Album Details

Albums come with 20 pages (~30-50 images, depending on design)

Slipcase for upright storage

Sturdy binding and pages help the album last for years 

Portrait sizes  are 4x5, 6x8, 8x10, 9x12
Square sizes are 8x8, 10x10, 12x12

Shipping included for shipping to the U.S.

Tax included in pricing

Your choice for cloth, linen, or velvet covers, leather and eco-leather

Customizable cover designs to personalize your album cover

*Album pricing subject to change

Other Products

-Prices vary depending on sizing and finish.
I.E. 8x10 fine art print is $58.25 while an 8x10 matte print is $6.50

Pricing & Sizes


+ Custom cover design
+ Discounted duplicate copies
+ Album storage box for horizontal storage
+ Additional pages

Loose Prints

Framed Prints

-Prices vary depending on sizing and finish.
- Prices start at $150 

Hardcover Books

-Prices vary depending on sizing and finish.
- Pricing starts at $130

And More

- Your gallery store has numerous options for your printing and you'll be able to find good use for your print credit. 

For each session, hair and makeup is included in the session fee. 

Hair & Makeup & Touch-Ups

A beautiful and private studio space where your styled boudoir session will come to life. 


Included in your session: