You are working incredibly hard, and learning to live slower, take deeper breaths, function without sleep and trying to find meaning in endless diapers and sippy cups. Those pudgy fingers, tiny toes and little rolls occupy your thoughts, your days and bring you so much joy, mixed with feeling like you need an IV drip of caffeine to function. I hear you sister. 

Hey there, momma


"Both of my kids warmed up to her super quick and she was so patient with them. I will forever cherish the raw and real moments she captured. Steph is truly one of a kind, her work is stunning and unique. Not only is she crazy talented but she is so full of life and energy! I highly recommend her for capturing all of your life memories!" - Lia

A motherhood photography session is designed to give you a gentle reminder of the absolutely breathtaking, gut wrenching, intense journey you are on. You are graceful, powerful, and your days are filled to the brim with intention and nurturing.

Let’s document it beautifully. 

Motherhood sessions are curated experiences designed to capture touch, movement and relationship between you and your beautifully unpredictable little humans.

Through gentle styling we'll create meaningful memories that will display beautifully in your home. You will receive guidance and a comprehensive, beautiful client guide to aid you as you prepare your space, wardrobe and heart to embrace your story as it unfolds. 

An intentional approach

to documenting family

A thoughtful, intentional approach. Nothing cheesy, nothing posed. 

St. louis Family & Newborn Photography

I'm inspired by old photographs, a vintage feel that leaves a story behind. The mommas who hire me want someone who understands the intricacies of motherhood and connection and who can come in with a calm presence, warm up to the kiddos and capture all the sometimes hidden connection. 

Different is better...

I'm a different kind of family & Newborn photographer. 

The mothers who hire me

don't want picture perfect. They want to capture connection and emotion, touch and relationship. When we capture those things, we capture your humanity and that is perfection.

Where you can find me

St. Louis, Missouri

I. A Motherhood Client Guide, to guide you preparing your space and your heart. 

II. An intentional and thoughtful ~1 hour session in your home. 

III. A curated gallery ready for you to download, print and share with your friends and family, or keep as a private keepsake for yourself. 

IV. $50 print credit toward your photo book (starting at $250)

Average session investment | 700

Session details

These beautiful sessions are truly curated for you, making sure you have beautiful, "not your average" family photos. These sessions are specifically designed to translate to print in one of my beautiful albums. (don't worry, you'll get the digitals too!) You'll receive...

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I'd love to hear from you! You can reach me via the contact form or via email at

My business hours are 10-4 Monday - Friday

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