Session Styling Guide

"Your engagement session wardrobe is a chance to express yourself. So have fun with it and don't over think it!"

Let's get you dressed

- Steph

For us girls, nothing is worse than wearing a new outfit and feeling stuffed and tucked in and uncomfortable. That new dress you've been wanting to wear but you know you'll be self conscious about your arms or your tummy the whole time you have it on - DON'T DO IT!

Your engagement photos should feel like you! I encourage you to find some old favorites in your closet: your favorite
t-shirt, your comfiest pair of jeans, and use those as the staple for your session. You'll feel so much more at ease and confident in clothes that make you feel comfortable and like yourself.

Dress in something that makes you feel like yourself. 

Tip #1

Complimenting each other's outfits is totally fine and can lead to some really cool looks! Play with different hues of the same color or go for neutrals and soft colors. If you're wearing white, having your partner were another lighter neutral color can give great dimension to your images and is a major fashion statement. Monochromatic is incredibly stylish and totally timeless.

Remember, less is more.

Compliment each other's outfits, you can even match.

Tip #2

2 outfits please, no more

Changing clothes really eats up time during your session and can make it difficult to slow down and really enjoy your time together. Pick your two favorite outfits and stick to those so you have more time to play! However, if you're having trouble deciding, feel free to bring options and we can select the best ones together. 

Tip #3

An easy way to choose a color pallette is to think about your location and choose colors that can be found in your surroundings. Complimenting your surroundings is always a sure fire way to have timeless images you'll be proud of for years. If you're outside in fields, consider soft neutrals like creams, greens, blues and browns. If you're going for a more urban location, colors like black, greys, and whites might be a great option for you!

Consider your session location when choosing colors

Tip #4

Linen, Jean, Cotton and Lace - These fabrics tend to photograph really well. They offer movement and structure and a timeless quality to your images.

Keep theses simple. Remember that patterns tend to come and go with fashion so sticking to more classic looks like solid tops and bottoms will get your the most out of your images.

White, cream, grey, tan, beige, rust, mustard, forest greens, black.

Accessories & Layers
Keep these simple but have some fun! Hats & simple jewelry that means something to you is always good! Layers add great dimension and movement to your shots as well as give you something to play with if you need it - think jean and leather jackets and cardigans!

Keep them stylish! If tennis shoes are your gig, try to opt for a more stylish style like Addidas or New Balance. Think of your images in 10-15 years and what will still be in style then. We are going for timeliess.

Things to focus on