Becoming a Courageous Entrepreneur

We all need some courage every once in a while - someone to help us blow the cobwebs away so you can tear down the road blocks that are keeping you from reaching your creative & personal goals. Being an entrepreneur takes courage - it takes courage to step out into something new, to fail, to try again, to change direction and to maybe lead in a way you haven't seen before. 

 I've learned a lot over the 6 years I've been running my own business and my heart for courageous small business owners and entrepreneurs has grown into a passion to come along side and support you in your dream. Coaching is perfect for giving you a jumpstart on where to focus your energy, giving brand clarity and helping identify areas of growth and success for you and your brand. 

What I can offer you...

I can offer you a listening ear, human connection and empathy all mixed with 6 years of small business owning and entrepreneurial experience and all the hard lessons that that brings with it. Having walked the road of my share of mental health difficulties, while building a business and figuring out my place in the world, I can offer you hope, guidance, and loads of encouragement that you have what it takes.

These are virtual sessions that are booked by the hour. This allows you to book as many as you need when you need them to help you propel your business forward. 

Topics I love to help with: 
+ Creating a business defined by courage and compassion
+ Brand Clarity | Who are you and what do you offer? 
+ Brand Voice | Helping define your voice in both your brand and website/social media 
+ Business ideas | Have a business idea but need help flushing out the kinks? Let's talk 
+ Client Experience | How make your clients and customers feel valued, from the first touch
+ Encouragement and Support | Being a business owner can be a lonely isolating endeavor, but you aren't alone. 
+ Next Steps | How to get your business to the next level with your clients/customers 
and more...

Steph's Personality Traits

Single Session

1 Month of Coaching

3 Months of Coaching

INFP, Mediator, 4w3, 

- One hour virtual coaching session

- 4 one hour virtual session held once a week

- 12 one hour sessions held once a week for 3 months. 

Who is this coaching for? 

Anyone who needing a little courage to step out and lead through business & creating. 
Anyone who needs a push to move past the things holding you back in your business or personal life and reach some goals and make some changes. 
Anyone who feels stuck, and is looking for some direction on where to take their business. 
Anyone feeling lonely in their business pursuits and need an experience ear to lend support, encouragement and advice.

What's my approach to coaching?

Gentle and kind - bottled with a whole lot of heart.

Coaching in NO WAY replaces professional therapy. I am not a professional therapist yet I can point you in the direction of some wonderful ones if you need one. I am a firm believer in therapy and the value it brings to our journeys. Please reach out if you need professional therapist recommendation. 

Schedule A Single Session

Schedule A Single Session

Schedule A Single Session

Unsure if coaching is right for you? Schedule an no commitment exploration call with me.

When scheduling any session at the link above, you'll be prompted to make your first session payment in order to secure your session. If you are booking a month coaching session package, you'll be sent a weekly invoice for your coaching sessions after your first session with me.  

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