A fine art boudoir photography experience that focuses on your femininity and grace, and one that reminds us of the power of gentleness and beauty. 

A Fine Art Boudoir Experience

Fine Art Boudoir Photographer located in St. Louis, Missouri


You'll be guided along the way through session planning to printing and you'll come away with not only digital files but something to physically hold on to from you session. Everything we do in the studio is done with the intention of giving you beautiful, elegant imagery that showcases your femininity and grace. 

We will work together to design a session that speaks to you, and then you'll be guided throughout the session into comfortable poses and movements to showcase your best angles. Everything will be done gracefully and intentionally to help you feel relaxed and at ease, all while looking like a total babe, let's be honest. 

After the session you'll enjoy a custom gallery preview experience where you'll fall in love with your images and decide how you would like to experience them going forward: I.E printed wall art or a Fine Art Book and more. 

The Fine Art Boudoir Experience starts at $1500.

A full Service Studio Experience

Steph is an INFP, 4w3

Let's Create something beautiful together.

What does The Fine Art Boudoir Experience Look Like?

A comfortable studio space so you can relax, several different signature looks that we'll collaborate on and up-to 4 hours together in the studio to accommodate hair and makeup styling. You'll be one-on-one with Steph and a trusted hair and makeup artist. All women who are your biggest cheerleaders. 

Private Studio Session


You'll be treated to a hair and makeup session with a professional stylist who will remain on-site for touch ups and a second look.

Hair & Makeup


Each session is designed to leave you with beautiful, breathtaking imagery for printing. In your gallery reveal session, you can choose how you'd like to experience your images in print. Most boudoir clients opt for a beautiful Fine Art Album.

Signature Printing Options


I use a mixture of backgrounds, textures, wardrobe selections and emotions when planning your sessions. I believe there is so much more to boudoir than simply a bed. We'll plan a session that speaks to you and we'll work together to create 2-3 signature looks that reflect who you are. 

A Collaborative, Artistic Process. 


We start with the understanding that we celebrate all bodies. You're entering a safe space where we understand that we have insecurities but where we celebrate our bodies and how they carry us, nurture us, and allow us to experience the world. You are beautiful and worthy of love, acceptance and celebration, especially from yourself, to yourself. We'll walk that road together during our time together.

We celebrate all bodies


Beautiful Printed & digital Options

I believe that your images deserve to live off the screen and physically in your home. The Fine Art Boudoir Experience is specifically designed for a Fine Art Album, which a beautiful, luxury display case. You can, of course, print it any way you wish!

Each Boudoir session is designed and captured with printing in mind. Each collection comes with print credit that can be used in your gallery print shop toward however you would like to display your images. 

Print Credit is included with every Boudoir Collection