A Winter Wedding in Missouri at Emerson Fields | Excello, MO

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A Winter Wedding in Missouri at Emerson Fields | Excello, MO

This sweet wedding is extra special to me, due to the fact that Jordan is my BROTHER! What an absolute honor it was to be asked to photograph their beautiful winter wedding at a gorgeous venue known as Emerson Fields in Excello, Missouri.

Jordan and Megan live in Kansas City with their sweet dog Zeus and are some of the most chill, down to earth people you have ever met. I’m so excited to welcome Megan to our family and as excited to share these beautiful images from this winter wedding in Missouri with you all!


Jordan and Megan’s original plan on their wedding day was to see each other for the first time down the aisle and to NOT have a first look. Timelines for winter weddings in Missouri can be tough! As we kept an eye on the daylight and the weather, Jordan and Megan opted to change their plans to include a first look so that they could take advantage of as much light as possible and have a little more of a relaxed time after the ceremony instead of rushing to get all their bridal and bridal party photos in, in addition to their family photos.

I would say that the biggest thing that my couples say when they are talking about doing a first look or not, is that they don’t want to take away from the excitement of seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. Some couples are afraid that if they see each other before, it will take away from the moment they see each other walking down the aisle. Since Jordan and Megan had originally planned not to see each other, I decided to ask them how it felt to have a first look, and if they felt it took away from their moment walking down the aisle. Jordan said this:

“I think you can see by my facial expression, that it didn’t take away from the emotional moment of seeing her walk down the aisle at all! (insert laugh) We are so happy we did a first look, we both feel like it added a sweet moment to our day out on the dock that we wouldn’t have otherwise had. It allowed us to do all of our bridal party photos before the wedding and we have both mentioned on a number of occasions that getting that out of the way was one of our favorite times of the day. By the end of the ceremony and family photos, we were both getting tired of photos, and if we hadn’t had a first look, we would have had to do all of our bridal party photos after the family photos. WE ARE SO GLAD WE DIDN’T HAVE TO DO THAT!”


The bottom line for all of my couples is DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT FOR YOU! No wedding story is the same, and yours is absolutely unique. I will do absolutely everything I can to make sure your day unfolds exactly how you want it. There are things like first looks that absolutely help in letting things run smoothly and efficiently, especially if your wedding is in the winter when light runs out fast, but you will NEVER be pressured by me to do something you don’t want to do. My job is to help you feel comfortable and confident in your choices for your wedding day! That means I’ll give you all the options and you will ultimately decide! I’m here for you, in your corner and can’t wait to celebrate with you!


No weddings goes off without a hitch without the help of some amazing vendors that put together this winter wedding in Missouri!

Dress: Clarice’s Bridal | St. Louis, MO
Venue: Emerson Fields | Excello, MO
Hair and Makeup Artist: Amy Rose Stylist | St. Louis, MO
Florals: MU Tiger Garden | Columbia, MO

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