A Wedding at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

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A Wedding at Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

Hannah & Andrew

She sat in her parents’ kitchen, folded into her silk robe, with a mug of hot tea in her hand as Danielle swept tendrils of hair back into an effortless style at the nape of her neck. Hannah fingered the top of her mug, drawing lazy circles around the rim while music played and her girlfriends laughed and chatted around her. Her slippered feet expectantly shifted themselves. The nerves she felt coursing through her body landed in flutters in her stomach.

She thought of Andrew, her sweet Andrew, who was at this moment across town going through similar yet less complex getting ready motions and her flutters quieted. She thought of the Redwood Forest where they whispered their vows to each other a few weeks earlier, surrounded by those majestic trees that have withstood everything mother nature could throw at them. She felt Andrew’s fingertips on her cheek, wiping away one of her many tears, as she sat on that log and poured out her heart to him. She felt her hand in his as he dreamt with her about having babies and watching each other grow and change through each new season. She remembered how they promised then and there to be forever the other’s, and she took a deep quieting breath.

Makeup by Makeup Artistry by A & C
Hair by Danielle Style

Across town, Andrew sat in the living room of his rented AirBNB, putting one shoe on at a time just like he did everyday. He thought about the action, and how even though it was so ordinarily human, today it marked the beginning of something new. And he thought of Hannah. He thought of how he proposed and smiled to himself as he remembered trying to coax her up a steep trail in the Colorado mountains, luring her with a breakfast burrito like a cute puppy, and how his brother sat in the bushes in full camo, capturing it all in photographs. He remembered nervously clasping the ring box as he told her of all the ways he admired her and that he wanted to grow old with her. He remembered how the hazy morning light kissed Blue Lake behind them when he slipped the ring on her finger.

His brother pulled his thoughts back to present and boisterously poured him a shot of whiskey. As they gathered around the table to toast the day, Andrew looked at each friend he had invited into his inner circle. Each friendship had weathered changes, moves, a myriad of girlfriends who have come and gone, countless laughs and beers shared over both difficult and abundant seasons of their lives. He toasted to them. He clicked the rim of his glass against the others and a little cacophony of tinkles rose above them as they threw back their shots.

October 31, 2020

Today, they celebrate. Today, Hannah will put on her beautiful gown from Lovely Bride Denver and in a world turned upside down, they’ll walk up the steps of the timeless Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis and they’ll say their marriage vows to each other and God. Today, they’ll intimately dine at A.Casa and cap the night off with apple crisp and ice-cream and a dance floor full of their favorite people. Today, they’ll proclaim what they’ve known for some time – that they don’t want to adventure through life with anyone else. Today they become the Flints. Here is their story.

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