5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding During the COVID-19 Scare

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5 Tips to Plan Your Wedding During the COVID-19 Scare

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching way too many news and media outlets trying to make sense of this incredible thing we are experiencing. I’ve stress eaten about 4 bags of Boom-Chicka-Pop and I’m not even mad about it. Can I get an AMEN? This whole mess has probably overshadowed your wedding planning. Maybe it’s even made you fearful of pulling the trigger on certain decisions because we just don’t know what is around the corner. I get it. My couples get it. They are experiencing the same uncertainty. I spoke with one of my brides last night and she said “Steph, I can’t lose all the money we’ve invested in this wedding!” Girl, yes, no one wants you to lose money. 

I’m going to walk you through it just as I have walked them through it. As I’ve chatted with local wedding industry pros and have talked through options with my own dear couples, I’ve learned a few things that I think every couple should seriously consider during this season. With these 5 tips to plan your wedding during the COVID-19 scare, I know we’ve got this!

1. Don’t wait to book your vendors!

I know our gut reaction is to press the pause button and wait things out. This can seem like the safe and logical choice during a time like this. I encourage you not to do that. You can still safely continue to secure your favorite venue, photographer, caterer etc, by simply making sure your contract with them includes policies for rescheduling and postponement. Your vendors do NOT want to screw you over. Most of them, like myself, are simply small businesses and with open communication and transparency you both can be adequately covered by your contract.

Furthermore, with so many Spring brides being affected by this 8 week ban, the vendors you’ve been meaning to inquire with, or haven’t signed the contract with, will begin to fill their calendars with rescheduled weddings. So don’t hesitate in booking! Now is the time to get on their calendar and secure your spot so you have the best people working for you on your wedding day! 

2. Gather your guests email addresses.

One of the things that has some brides scrambling during this predicament is finding a way to communicate quickly with all their guests. Be on top of the ball and make sure you gather your guests email addresses from the very beginning. You can do this by using online RSVP tools through your wedding website hosted by websites like theknot.com and minted.com. It’s super easy, and allows for you to quickly send an email blast to your guests should you ever need to contact them. 

3. Consider shopping & registering locally.

Your local community needs you now more than ever. Small businesses like invitation designers, DJ’s, boutique shops, photographers, wedding planners, rental companies etc., all need you to move from commercial wedding planning and to a local approach. Instead of buying your invitations from minted.com, try reaching out to a local calligraphy artist or graphic designer to see what their packages look like. You might be pleasantly surprised by how comparable they are and you’ll feel better knowing you’re supporting local business.

Another great way to support local business in your community is moving your registry from big box stores to local home goods stores. Most communities have a wide variety of shops that offer home goods just like Bed Bath and Beyond and Crate and Barrel, but again, you’ll feel amazing knowing you and your guests are supporting local small businesses. 

4. Get yourself a WEDDING PLANNER!!

What can seem like a luxury investment for some people, could literally be the saving grace of your wedding and all the investments you’ll make for your wedding day. I have brides right now who are in the best hands with their wedding planners who are fielding all the calls from all the vendors, rescheduling with venues and making sure our couples are taken care of.

On the other spectrum I have brides who don’t have a wedding planner and they are stressed AF trying to figure all this out on their own. A wedding planner in normal circumstances is a life savor, and in times like this they are LITERALLY SAVING SANITY AND WEDDING DREAMS. I strongly urge you to get one on your vendor team. You won’t regret it. 

5. Stay calm. Take a deep breath.

Lastly, we’ll get through this! There’s absolutely no reason to panic, there are so many options and resources available to you, and your vendor community is rooting for you!

The bottom line is this, don’t wait to book your vendors, make sure you have the right people on your team to bring your wedding dreams to life. Make your life easier by gathering your guests email addresses using online RSVP tools, hiring a wedding planner and consider registering at local home goods shops to support your local small business community. 

You are a rock star. And you definitely aren’t alone in your uncertainty. But I believe there are still active steps we can take to continue planning your wedding day and making sure you are taken care of. What are some other things you think should be added to the list?! I’d love to hear from you! Until then, I’m going to open another bag of Boom-Chicka-Pop. 😉 

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