Wedding Inspiration | Seed + Stone Styled Wedding Shoot

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Wedding Inspiration | Seed + Stone Styled Wedding Shoot

The stark beauty of a magnolia blossom breaking through it’s hard, protective exterior, opening to reveal soft new life was the inspiration for what became Seed + Stone. The blend of these two seemingly opposite textures, hard and soft, showcases an organic bond that often appears in nature—like flowers growing from cracks in concrete. Even in a seemingly dry, rough, hard space, beauty and newness can break through and thrive. We find the same to be true in life. There is so much beauty in blooming through the cracks and hardships of this existence.

Charm, authenticity, and growth shine at times that some may view as imperfect. In Seed + Stone, cool concrete components complimented by warm amber and delicate flowers further illustrates the contrast and cooperation between these tones. Paired with the low table, adorned with cozy pillows, mixed metals, creamy flowing fabric, clay textures, and amber glassware, Seed + Stone creates a comfortable, welcoming mood that invites everyone to the table.The beauty and life of the table scape, flowers and couple is further accentuated by the historic venue, dripping with character and preserved stories, with deeply colored walls, encased by it’s industrial exterior. The marriage of old and new creates the perfect atmosphere of community and celebration.

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