Confessions of a Photographer

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Confessions of a Photographer

I have a confession. I never got senior portraits done. I was, quite frankly, incredibly insecure, hated my body, was uncomfortable being the center of attention and just couldn’t see myself in these stiff, awkward photographs that friends showed me. I looked at the mechanical, cheesy portraits and just said “no thanks, that’s not me.” These pictures that were supposed to be celebrating the senior, documenting this huge change in their life, yet they were lifeless and frozen.

Senior year is about spontaneity, wild dreams, making memories, staying up late and running to Steak and Shake at midnight with all your closest friends for cheesy fries. It’s full or promise, expectancy — wildness.

It’s with that spontaneity and wildness that I approach senior sessions as a photographer. Being vastly influenced by my own personal experience with senior portraits, I wanted to bring an adventurousness and a realness that I had seen so lacking when I was in high school. My senior clients are care-free. They look at stiff, run of the mill senior portraits and say “No thanks, that’s not me”, because they feel in their bones a raw and organic authenticity for life that causes them to dream of senior pictures that evoke that same authenticity. They want to laugh, dance, run, model, and get a chance to be their fierce uncontrollable selves.

Your life is immensely changing, a new chapter is unfolding where adulthood is blooming and they will try to force your wildness into a box. Don’t let them! When life get’s confusing and perhaps you’ve lost yourself a little, you can look back at your senior portraits and say “Yes, that’s me. I remember who I am” because you chose a photographer that captured you for who you really are.

MIllstadt, IL | Senior Session

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