2 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session

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2 Reasons Why You Should Book a Boudoir Session

Hey friends, Steph here. I have a few thoughts on boudoir sessions and specifically about my approach to them. A boudoir session, also known as an intimate imagery session, can be one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself.

Most of my clients come to me timidly, like there is something to be ashamed about wanting to express themselves in this artistic way. They leave their boudoir sessions with a glow that can only come from reclaiming a part of them that had been lost. I want to dive a little deeper into that reclamation with 2 reasons why I believe you should book a boudoir session. Let’s dive in.

Steph Masat is a St. Louis Boudoir Photographer know for her artistic, feminine and creative approach.


It’s no secret that our culture has some insane standards of beauty and sexiness that simply are not healthy. It’s also no secret that many of us suffer from body dysmorphia, eating disorders, workout disorders, poor self esteem and so much more. Somewhere along the lines we have allowed other people to dictate to us whether we are beautiful or not – whether we are worthy to be celebrated and valued in our own skin, exactly as we are.

Boudoir sessions for us average humans, are a way to reclaim a piece of us that was lost. Whatever form of body or personal dissatisfaction you may deal with, you have an opportunity to give yourself a gift of kindness and appreciation for the body that sustains you, carries your soul, is cherished by your friends and brings so much joy to the people around you.

There is only one you. There will only ever be one you on this earth. You get to tell your own narrative, you get to leave your own mark on this world. You get to decide how your body will be appreciated and captured. You get to decide how you will look at yourself, because darling, from my perspective, you are worthy of celebrating.

A smiling woman dressed in a shear tulle pink robe and a blue background draped in orchids by Steph Masat, a St. Louis Boudoir Photographer


Since we are so much more than our bodies, boudoir sessions are a way not only to honor your body, but to honor your human self, by setting apart time, effort, money, and artistic talent to document your story in an intimate way.

One of my clients, Jenn, texted me after her session, relaying to me just how important her session was to her sense of self. She originally booked as gift for her husband, but she came away realizing how much she needed to do this for herself. She said:

“Obviously, this is for my husband but also was so much for me to able to create something just for me and as a stepping stone building personal confidence.”


Listen to that. The power of reclaiming a piece or yourself, building personal confidence, that you may not even know is missing. During your session we discover who you are through art, through experimenting with color and concepts that you wouldn’t necessarily see in the boudoir world.

My boudoir sessions are so much more than simply looking sexy and having your pictures taken. It really is a journey of self discovery for my clients.

A woman dressed in a shear tulle pink robe and a blue background by Steph Masat, a St. Louis Boudoir Photographer

So what do boudoir sessions look like with me?

I’ve given two of my top reasons for giving yourself a boudoir session, now let’s take a little peek into what a boudoir session looks like with me. My approach is artistic. My hope is to draw out not only your inherent sexiness but also a piece of how you see yourself in art form. We use flowers, fabrics, lighting, and have fun creating pieces of art for you. Each image is carefully thought out and designed to describe who you are as a human and how you see yourself, or want to see yourself.

Boudoir images of a women happy and draped in flowers by Steph Masat, a St. Louis Boudoir Photographer

We start with inspiration boards of things that you love, textures that you are drawn to, colors, art etc. And from that I’ll create a cohesive mood board to artistically describe your session. You’ll come to the studio, have your hair and makeup done by a professional stylist, sip your champagne and together we’ll draw out your beautiful self.

You can find more info about my boudoir session and inquire here:

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